Let's face it, all kids are expensive...  having a child with special needs can be a much greater financial burden.  

Unlike other sitter referral services:

-There is no application fee-

-No Minimum monthly commitment-

-We offer both an annual membership and a monthly membership-

Spectrum Sitters - Sitter Services

Step One:

Pick Your Membership

We offer two membership options for you to choose from:

  • Annual membership - $270 (33% savings compared to monthly plan).

  • Monthly membership - $30

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Step Two:

Request Your Sitter

  • Low agency fee ($10/per request/day)

  • 4 hour minimum (per request/day)

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caregiver rates

Sitters referred by Spectrum Sitters charge $15 - $18/hr.  

$15/hr for 1 child, +$1 for each additional child (4 children max).

All sitters are to be compensated directly at the end of the appointment.

If you need to cancel your sitter within 24 hours of the scheduled job, there will be a non-refundable service fee of $20.

Spectrum Sitters - Nanny Referral Service

For clients looking to hire an in-home nanny, Spectrum Sitters offers support, assistance, and reassurance from the start of your search until you hire your referred nanny.   

Membership Fee:  Same as above.   ($270 Annually or $30 Monthly)

Candidate Search Fee:  $0  

Referral Fees:

  • Full Time (live out): 11% of the candidate’s gross annual compensation  (Based on 52 weeks in a year with an $1,800 minimum).

  • Part Time (<20 hrs/wk): $1,500.

  • Summer/Temporary Nanny:  $600.

Nanny Rates:

  • Full Time Live Out Nanny: Determined by the family and the Nanny.

  • Part Time Nanny & Summer/Temp Nanny: Standard Spectrum Sitters Rates (refer to the above).

Ongoing support & replacement:

  • FT Nanny - All referral fees are non-refundable and are due prior to the candidate’s start date.*

    • All fees are payable by check or major credit card.**

      • 4 month free replacement guarantee for FT Nanny referrals.

  • PT Nanny - The first $500 fee is due on the Nanny’s first day is non-refundable***. At the end of 90 days, the remaining $1000 will be charged.

    • All fees are payable by check or major credit card.**

      • 1 month free replacement guarantee for PT Nanny referrals.

  • FT/PT Nanny Support - Spectrum Sitters provides 5 free fill-ins with no service fee when nanny is sick, on vacation, etc. (Family must still pay the sitter's hourly rate).

**Credit card fees over $1,000 will be subject to a 3% third-party payment processing fee.

Holiday Prices:  Client will compensate the Spectrum Sitter at a rate of time and a half (1.5 times the caregiver's hourly rate) for any jobs which fall on the following days:  Good Friday, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day.   On New Year's Eve (after 5pm),  New Year's Day, Valentine's Day (after 5pm), Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, the client will compensate the Spectrum Sitter at a rate of 2x (2 times the caregiver's hourly rate )