Getting Started

How do I sign up? / How do I get started?

Families - the first step is to become a member.  It only takes about 5-10 minutes.

Sitters - click here to submit your application.

How do I request a sitter?

If you're a member, simply log in to our site and submit your request.

If you aren't a member yet, please take a moment to become a member.  Once you're a member, you may begin requesting sitters.


How the service works

How does your sitting service work?

We review your request and refer a sitter based upon the details you provide about your children, and the request.  Your referred sitter will personally call you to introduce themselves as well as discuss any additional information/details that you would like.

How are Spectrum Sitters different than a regular sitting/nanny service?

Spectrum Sitters are specialized to work with special needs children.  We provide an on-call sitter referral service as well as full time and part time nanny referrals.   Learn how our service is different.

Is Spectrum Sitters just for kids with autism?

Absolutely not!   We are specialized sitters for parents/caregivers of children and young adults on the autism spectrum and other intellectual and developmental disorders.     

Do your sitters conduct specific therapies?

No, we're sorry - but that's just not what their role is while serving as a sitter.   While sitters may be professionals in their field, or students training for that field, they're being hired to watch and engage your children.

Is there a minimum length of time for an on call sitting appointment?

Yes, we ask that the babysitting appointments are four hours or more.

When are your sitters available?

The sitters are available during the days, evenings and weekends.   However, please request a sitter as far in advance as possible. 

Where are your sitters available?

The sitters are currently available in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston and surrounding areas.   Follow us on Facebook to keep up to date as we're growing quickly and hopefully coming to a city near you soon! 

If I submit a request, am I guaranteed a sitter?

You are not guaranteed a sitter when you submit a request.  However, we do our best to make sure each and every request gets filled (we have a 99% fill rate to date).   As our sitters are professionals working with special needs children, their schedules are limited/vary as to hours they can work with Spectrum clients.   We are always recruiting more sitters, however – it’s up to the sitters to accept the client’s request.  Typically, your request will get accepted by a sitter within 24-48hrs.   (Note:  summer is always a very busy time – please submit your request as advance as possible.)

Will I get a refund if my request does not get filled?   

Yes.  We will refund your booking fee if we are unable to fill your request.

Am I assigned a sitter?   

No - you are not assigned a sitter - rather, we will refer sitters for you based upon you request.   The sitters will accept requests as their schedule permits.

Can I request a specific sitter?

Absolutely - we know, consistency is very important for a child with special needs.  If you have a sitter that you have used in the past and would like to request again, please make note of that in your request.

Can I contact a sitter directly for a babysitting request?

No - by accepting our terms, you have agreed that you cannot request a sitter directly.   All service requests must be made thru our website. 

Why you pay booking fees for every assignment?

We work hard to schedule the perfect match for each and every assignment you book with us. We are consistently searching, prequalifying, interviewing, reference checking and training only the best sitters to make sure we can always meet your on call needs. We pay for all the costs involved in background checking, training and materials. We work very hard to make sure we always have the BEST sitters available to love and entertain, and enrich your children’s lives.

What is a booking fee and I do I pay it every time I need a sitter?

A booking fee is paid via credit card or PayPal each time you request a sitter.  This fee is the payment made to Spectrum Sitters for providing a sitter for you. 

What does the booking fee go toward?

The booking fee goes toward the work we do to search, qualify, train, reference check, and background check each of our sitters. We are always hiring new sitters to keep up with the needs of our busy families.  The fee also goes toward the general cost of doing business; Liability insurance, licensing, bonding, office supplies, utilities and administrative work are just a few examples.

Can I text message Spectrum Sitters for a babysitting request or questions?

No - We understand how easy and convenient text messaging has become, however all requests needs to made thru the website, and for all other questions - please contact us directly via phone/email.   No text messages to Spectrum Sitters will be answered.


PricinG, Payments and terms

How much do the sitters charge and how do I pay them?

The sitters referred by Spectrum Sitters charge $15/hr -20/hr.   Sitters are to be compensated directly.

Is there an application fee to use your service?

No, there is no application fee.

What are the membership & service fees?

We offer two membership options: 

  • Annual membership for $270 (auto-renews annually).

  • Monthly membership for $30/month (auto-renews monthly). You may cancel your membership at any time.

Once a member, you can log into your account at any time but will only be charged a $10 service fee each time you request a babysitting event.

This fee ensures that all sitters have undergone rigorous background checks and supports both initial and continuing training.

How do I pay the membership fee and service fees?

Click on Become a Member and sign up and pay for membership. 

Annual memberships will be charged upon signing up with an auto-renew at the end of the twelve months.

Monthly memberships will be automatically charged to the card on file every 30 days from the date you begin your membership.

Service fees of $10 per requested babysitting event will be charged to your card upon completion of the request for a sitter.  Service fees are non refundable once your request has been accepted by a sitter.  If we are unable to fill your request, a refund will be issued. (For example, if you submit a request thru the site for multiple days, the service fee due is for each individual day that the sitter is confirmed.)  For last minute requests (<24 hrs notice), please call Spectrum Sitters office directly (please note, there is a $25 service charge for last minute requests).

What are the terms of the membership?

We want to ensure you're completely happy with our service.  Therefore, we are providing a month to month membership which will continue to auto-renew monthly until you cancel your membership.   If you choose to cancel your membership, please simply contact us.  If you choose the one year membership, at the end of the twelve months, we will auto-renew your membership unless you let us know otherwise.  For more information, please review our terms and conditions

I need to change the times of my request.  What do I do?

If within 24 hours of the requested babysitting event,  please contact your sitter directly.   Otherwise, please contact us via email/phone to inform us of the change.

I need to cancel a sitter event.  What do I do?

We understand that unexpected situations arise.   If you need to cancel, please contact us to let us know.   If you have to cancel within 24 hours, you will be charged a $20 cancellation fee.

Why do I have to schedule all assignments through Spectrum Sitters

Spectrum Sitters is a full service babysitting and nanny agency. We have a real person (a mom) behind the scenes handling all the hiring of our sitters and nannies. We are NOT a database of sitters and nannies. We do all the work in finding a highly qualified sitter or a nanny to fit your families individual needs.  We are always at your service and available to you! We work really hard to make sure you are covered.

What happens if I ignore SS policies and schedule a sitter without involving Spectrum Sitters?

If you are to circumvent Spectrum Sitters and schedule a Spectrum Sitters sitter without involving Spectrum Sitters, both the client and the sitter will be charged $500 and an additional $25 fee for each event.

How do I cancel my membership?

If you have chosen the annual membership, after twelve months you may cancel your membership at any time.  If you have chosen the monthly membership, you may cancel at any time.

Simply contact us with your cancellation request.