Our Difference

We understand the challenges in finding a qualified sitter for your child.  An average sitter just won't do...  you need someone that is equipped to handle the behaviors and emotions of a child with special needs.  No need to settle for an average sitter again.

Whether your child has autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, Down syndrome, CP,  or any other special need, they deserve a sitter that understands.   That's exactly why we focus on finding and selecting those extraordinary individuals who are passionate about working with kids with special needs.  We select only the best - the educated, trained, compassionate people that love and understand your child's differences.   Individuals whose chosen profession is to work with children with special needs - they are who we look for when selecting our sitters.  These are the people that have the patience, understanding and compassion that our kids need.  It's in their DNA...   You can step away knowing that your child will be treated with dignity.



Finding the perfect person to care for him when I needed a sitter was stressful and frustrating.  He needed someone special.  He needed someone that understands his differences.  He needed someone trained, educated, compassionate - and I needed someone that I could trust. 

As the years went by, I came to realize that there were so many other families in the Austin area that were running into the same challenges....  they also needed someone special to care for their child with special needs...   

So with that in mind, Spectrum Sitters® was born.

- Mindy Minto, Founder & CEO  (A very stubborn Texas Mama of a son with Special Needs.  She's determined to make a change in the life of her son and every other child with special needs in any way she can. She tells anyone that will listen - “Different is not less - it’s better.”)

Parenting for special needs and ‘typical’ kids is like a tightrope walk without a net. The only difference is that special needs parents know exactly how close the ground is. That perspective helps us appreciate everything so much more.”
— Amy Kenny, The Mighty