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We’ve helped families overcome their biggest childcare challenge. But don’t just take our word for it.  Read below to see exactly what our some of our clients have to say.


Spectrum client - nicole C.

“I have two sons – one teenager who is thriving and one little boy who is struggling.    For the past 7 years, through no fault of my own, I have not been present for much of my oldest son’s life.  As with most boys, the vast majority of my son’s extracurricular life has been playing sports.  Up until moving to Austin and finding Spectrum Sitters, I have been unable to participate in any of it.  I always felt it was more important for my husband to be the one to attend his practices, games, and social gatherings.  There of course were times I would bring our youngest to a game in an attempt at some normalcy, but it would always end up in an embarrassing and stressful game of trying to keep him off the field.  I had such envy for all the ‘normal’ moms who got to sit in the bleachers and attentively watch their sons and cheer.  There was a time I truly thought “My son will be gone in 4 years and I will never have had this luxury.  I won’t have these memories”.  Finally, thanks to Spectrum Sitters, I am able to watch my son play football.  I get to sit next to my husband in the bleachers and attentively watch my son.  So often I feel it is my child without the struggles who has had to struggle the most.  My youngest requires two parents.  My oldest has often had only one parent.  Thank you Mindy for allowing me to be the Mom I want to be to BOTH my children.”  - Nicole C.

Spectrum Client - Jennifer R.


"Thank you so much for starting this service. I'm recommending you to anyone and everyone I can. You were a life saver when kiddo got kicked out of preschool and it was just me watching him for 4 months." - Jennifer R.

Spectrum Client - Lindsay C.

"Just wanted to quickly thank you for this service! We have been very satisfied with the quality sitters that always arrive. My 3 year old is always excited & even nicknamed Taylor "Happy Taylor" - I'm sure you can understand that relief and comfort when your child is excited for their sitter to return! L can't verbalize it, but he's in love with Taylor too!" - Lindsay C.

Spectrum Client - Mary K.

"Spectrum Sitters has been such a huge blessing to our family! Our youngest is special needs and the sitters have been fantastic with him as well as our two older kids. Every sitter we have had, has gone above and beyond to make us feel comfortable leaving our kids knowing they are in good hands. These sitters understand the challenges we face as parents of kids with special needs and it shows. I highly recommend Spectrum Sitters and can't say enough great things about what Mindy has done through this service!" - Mary K.

Spectrum Client - Emily R.

Emily R.jpg

"Spectrum Sitters has connected us with many great sitters who understand and have fun with my kids. I no longer stress about how to fill gaps in child care. The quality of care that we have gotten puts my mind at ease." - Emily R.

Spectrum Client - Holly H.


"Wow! Spectrum Sitters is awesome! The service is so simple - Mindy really understands what the families need - experienced, caring, compassionate and not to mention, fun sitters! My girls really enjoyed the sitters. You could tell they really played with the girls - there was a fort set up in the playroom and were playing kitchen when I came home. I am kind of obsessed with this service!" - Holly H.

Spectrum Client - Amber W.

A. W..jpg

"We are so thankful for the Spectrum Sitters service! They helped us out and saved our holidays when we had an unexpected gap in childcare coverage at a very hectic time of year! They connected us with a great caregiver who was a good match with all three of our kiddos (NT and ASD alike!). Even my mother-in-law was impressed! We love Jessica!" - Amber W.

Spectrum Client - David O.


"We used Spectrum Sitters to watch our two kids, one on the spectrum (age 4) and one "typical" (age 2). Our sitter was absolutely the best! I would love to have her watch our kids again! Both kids adored her. I'm very happy to hear this service is available since it can be difficult to find the right person for our delightful kids." - David O.


Spectrum Client - Allison R.

"I'm so excited to have found Spectrum Sitters!
It is so rare to find sitters who are confident in caring for special needs kids, but Mindy has rounded up a whole passel of them. I can feel comfortable leaving my children in their care and do many of the things I would normally forgo. Date nights, appointments, and even just an extra hand with the kids so I can tackle house projects are just a phone call away, now." -Allison R.

Spectrum Client - Julie I.

"Mindy's company has been a life saver for our family. She hires experience people who know how to care and interact with my son. I recommend if you have a child with autism or special needs to only go to spectrum sitters!" -Julie I



Spectrum Client - Veronica G.

“Thanks to Spectrum Sitters we are able to do so much with our son!" -Veronica G.